Operation and Maintenance of P/V Stations

Upgrade your station’s production.

We undertake maintenance and operation projects, specifically:

  • Cleaning of P/V stations (cleaning and deforestation)
  • locating on hot or not points in P /V  modules using thermografy (thermal cameras) 1-31-590x340
  • Power optimization
  • Daily and continually monotoring of P/V.
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Analytical control of Preventive maintenance and diagnosis of faults
  • Immediate intervention in case an error occurs in less than 28 hours.
  • Losses detection by thermographic cameras.
  • Weekly report of power efficiency
  • Check I-U curve of power Inverters (dealing with PID phenomenon)
  • A detailed report is composed when every activity is completed.

View photos of the work stations of Aenaos’s Photovoltaic Energy Systems here.

Operation and maintenance packages


Standard Package

Integrated Package

Telemetry Package

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