Solar roof


Since June 2009 is valid program of the Ministry of Development which enables you to produce your own electricity. The program involves photovoltaic roofs  on houses and enterprises (employing up to ten employees and make volume up to 2 mil. Euros).

It is also active the net metering program, which has nothing to do with the sale of power but with self-consumption and offsetting. The net metering is more efficient when we have high energy consumption in relation to the fixed as permanent residences, while the sales program is more efficient when we have low power consumption.


The program for the sale continues (2016) and the selling price current locks for 25 years, depending on the  connection date of the  pv roof, as follows:

  • From February 2015 until January 2016 0,115 Euro
  • From February 2016 until January 2017 0.110 Euro


Here you can see the projects of AENAOS Energy Systems .

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