Crete tries in Sub-Saharan Africa

Crete tries in Sub-Saharan Africa


10The Greek-African Chamber of Commerce and Development and the Region of Crete in cooperation with the four Chambers of Crete organized with great participation, informative soiree on “Crete looks south: Business opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa,” the Deftera16.5.2016 in hall “Kastellakis’ Chamber of Heraklion, Crete. The purpose of the ballroom was to inform the Cretans businessmen on investment opportunities in the construction, energy, technology, food, tourism, etc., in African countries.

Representatives of embassies and consulates and representative of the Greek Investment Company and AE External Trade, reported on their rich experience to the economy and development prospects, the business environment and the input conditions on the African continent markets.

Speeches were delivered by Mr. Michael Vamiedakis, Executive Tourism Advisor of Crete, Sotiris Moussouris, President of the Hellenic-African Chamber of Commerce, Paris Tzorvas, President of Heraklion Chamber of tourism department, Alkis Kalambokis, President of the Exporters’ Association of Crete, Lefteris Antonakakis, President of businesses established in the VI. IP Heraklion and Nikos Sifakis, Board Member Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and the Hellenic-African Chamber. In soiree attended by the Deputy Head of Crete Theano Vrentzos, the Executive Secretary of the Region Nikos Raptakis and many businessmen. 12

The President. Sotiris Moussouris in his speech entitled “The New Africa: Prospects and Opportunities”, referred to the political and economic conditions on the African continent, in the progress of democratization and high growth rates in many countries of the African continent. Referring to the business opportunities the countries stressed that due to the need for modernizing the infrastructure-building industries, energy, technological development and general improvement of social services, there are significant prospects for Greek entrepreneurship, particularly of the island. He also referred to the services offered by the Hellenic-African Chamber through workshops, meetings and the Site of (, and specific informational section: Africa at a glance: ” Africa at a Glance “ providing members the Chamber a detailed database of micro and macroeconomic data for all African countries. Finally thanked Nikos Sifakis for the initiative of organizing this successful evenings.

Then followed the presentations for four African countries.

Ethiopia presented Ms. Terrine Armenakis, Ethiopian Honorary Consul in Athens, which stressed that Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing countries in the world with a wide range of production products and intense need for further development of its infrastructure. Furthermore the important Greek element found historically in Ethiopia makes it particularly friendly to Greek entrepreneurs who can take the lead in many areas of the economy.

The Counselor of Embassy of Nigeria Mr. John Shamah SHAGA, said at the presentation of that o agricultural sector, manufacturing, shipping and other areas of interest for investors for Greek businessmen and stressed that the soiree is an opportunity to exchange views and ideas for the private sector both Nigeria and the Greece to cooperate.

Mr. Dimitris Loukas, President Greek-Zambia Chamber in his speech to Zambia noted that in many areas there is investor interest due to the growth of the middle class and that starting a business is easy to start because its institutions and incentives country.

Business opportunities in South Africa presented by Mr. Anthony Mavridis, Head of Law. African Commercial, Embassy Department saying that although South Africa is already developed remain the investment and trade opportunities in many sectors such as the technology sector, construction, tourism etc.

Mr. Manolis Daniel, Director of International Exhibition of Greek Company Investment and Foreign Trade AE spoke for Greek exports, which show a slight increase for the year 2015 in the range of 7.83% relative to the year 2014, and noted that it has joined in foreign trade agenda for the year 2016, the growth of exports to new markets of Iran, South Korea Central and East Africa.


Moderator of the discussion was the Secretary General of the Hellenic-African Chamber of Commerce Mr. Dimitri Maniatakis who thanked the number of speakers and attendees and expressed his belief that this soiree will be very useful to the Cretans businessmen giving impetus to the search for new markets, alliances and partnerships and sub-Saharan Africa can be a convenient way for the goods and services exports.

After the presentations the participants had the opportunity for individual information and discussions with invited speakers and continuity expressed desire of productive communication of Greek-African Chamber of entrepreneurs of Crete.

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